• Upgrades - RAM / Hard Drives - From £20 + parts
  • Website set up from £250

Save yourself a trip to town and call us now!  Supporting the villages surrounding Long Buckby eg Watford, West Haddon and East Haddon, Norton Crick and Daventry, as far as Rugby and Northampton.

  • Phones and Tablet repairs from £40 + parts.
  • Windows PC MOT's - speed up slow starting / running PC's - from £60
  • Drop off and pick up service
  • Collection at request
  • Fix at your home or business
  • Call for a specific estimate
  • Tablets and phone repairs considered

We have provided an overview of our business offerings below to allow you to make a positive decision to use our services.  Please call us with any questions you may have.  Thank you for considering us!

  • Computer and Laptop repairs from £20 + parts.  Screens / Keyboards / Power etc
  • Data Recovery (Windows) from £40
  • Virus and Malware removal (Windows) - from £60

Specialising in Windows systems - dealing mainly with Windows computers.

Please call if Apple support required to discuss, as will consider.

Disclaimer - we are not responsible for your data.  Please back up all your data before you take up one of our services.

Back up service may be available subject to machine type and size of data.

Dodo Computing

34 East Street

Long Buckby


Tel - 07565517762 / 01327 842101


Tuition in the basics of -

  • Windows
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Windows

A couple of hours of our time could save you hours every month of yours!

From £40 per hour

We are a small computer business that offers many commonly requested services on a very local basis.  We have been training since 1997 and fixing since 1998.